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You’ve Got Mail. A Look at Email Frequency Within The Retail Industry.
There's a grey area between gently coaxing your customers with engaging, occasional email newsletters and bombarding their inboxes to irritation point. We've assessed each market level to find out the average number of monthly newsletters sent by the value, mass, premium and luxury markets, as well as flash sale retailers.
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  • Trend
  • 23rd Apr 2015
Trend vs. saturation: why denim skirts win this season
Sometimes trends can't be detected by a simple product count - retailers are seeking out promising growth, which won't be shown by products that have reached market saturation. We demonstrate a simple way to assess a trend's life span using newness vs. market presence. First into the ring: the skirt segment.
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Online luxury market grows 12% in Q1 of 2015
Yoox and Net-A-Porter's merger is just the latest in a series of leaps taken by luxury online - a market, which has grown its offering by 12% in the first quarter of 2015. Discover what EDITD data expects from the future of luxury e-commerce.
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Activewear on the up and up, but ahead of a fall?
Activewear is in boom with retailers stocking more sports items like sneakers, leggings and yoga clothing than before. Does this signal a consumer lifestyle change which will see activewear become core to our wardrobes, or is sportiness just a trend?
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Easter weekend online sell outs climbed by 19%
Despite retail press reporting in store footfall down over the Easter weekend, EDITD data points to a lift in online activity. Discover why Easter is a vulnerable point in the retail calendar.
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3 reasons why Yoox Net-A-Porter Group is set to dominate online luxury
What will Yoox gain from the Net-A-Porter merger? And vice versa, what benefits will Net-A-Porter find in being associated with the luxury discount retailer. We share analysis which explains why the combined forces of two luxury retailers is a very smart move indeed.
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  • Trend
  • 1st Apr 2015
Get up to speed on androgyny ahead of Fall 2015
Androgyny - more than just a buzzword in fashion right now, it's destined to be one of the 5 big trends of Fall 2015. Here we share data from our latest report, pointing out the key retail opportunities for accessories, outerwear, bottoms and print.

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