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The J.Crew Tilly: A Sweater With the Ability To Scandalize
Warning: The content of the article is NSFW. Kidding, go right ahead. We take a look at J.Crew's Tilly sweater, blamed for their most recent sales slump. Described as the "shrunken cousin" of Tippi, find out where it went wrong for the brand and the types of cropped sweater they should have produced.
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  • Trend
  • 24th Jun 2015
Spring ‘16 Menswear Trends & Why They’ll Work
Last week we looked at trends to guide fashion-fearing dads towards. But what about the stylish guys who are one step ahead? We've got your backs too. Here, fresh from London Collections: Men, we bring you the 5 biggest trends for Spring '16. Looks like you can hang onto that bomber jacket...
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How To Upgrade Your Dad’s Fashion Credentials
In aid of Father's Day, we salute dad fashion. Here we've look at the 5 best-selling styles of dad jeans and work out the best trends to move papa forward.
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Now is Your Chance to Ask Us Anything
Even the most senior of apparel professionals has unanswered questions about the industry. We know from experience. We've just launched 'Ask EDITD' - an open call for your anonymous industry questions. Submit yours in two clicks, right here.
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The Most Expensive Clothes You Can Buy Online
Expensive things are interesting. Why else would rap music do so well? We've unearthed the 10 most expensive items on EDITD, purely for your enjoyment.
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22 Moments Any Buyer Knows Too Well
Buyers, we get that your job is demanding, full of face-palm situations. Here we share 22 moments you'll be all too familiar with. Come and share more on Twitter using #buyerproblems.
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  • Trend
  • 28th May 2015
Suede vs. Leather: who’s winning?
Suede or leather - which did you buy into this season? Both pitched as major trends throughout 2015, we've looked at the data behind suede and leather apparel to understand which is a season hit and whether there's more steam in these trends.

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