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Notorious BIG Data: Don’t Be Fixated On Size
Is Bigger Better? In the case of Big Data, we're sure the answer is no. Though the buzz might be hung up on the size of data, there's so much more that goes into being a great data company. This week we'll let you in on some of them and explain why it's not how big it is but how you use it that gets people's attention.
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  • Trend
  • 14th May 2015
From Rack to Register: April’s Top Womenswear Trends
Want to know which womenswear items were the Top Movers across the UK and USA’s luxury and mass markets last month? Our new blog post will tell you just that.
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Finding your discounting sweet spot
Nailing a stellar discounting strategy saves retailers serious money. We've looked at 79 US and UK mass market retailers, including Gap, Topshop and Next to find the best amount to discount products by. Using this range for price slashes will help products sell out faster without sacrificing margins.
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2 become 1: Is It Smart for Marc Jacobs to Fold Its Diffusion Line?
Marc Jacobs is to fold its wildly popular Marc by Marc Jacobs diffusion line. What's going on? Can the two combine harmoniously and could this signal the decline of diffusion? More to the point, if not Marc by Marc, where will we buy our $400 designer bags from?
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  • Trend
  • 23rd Apr 2015
Trend vs. saturation: why denim skirts win this season
Sometimes trends can't be detected by a simple product count - retailers are seeking out promising growth, which won't be shown by products that have reached market saturation. We demonstrate a simple way to assess a trend's life span using newness vs. market presence. First into the ring: the skirt segment.
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You’ve Got Mail. A Look at Email Frequency Within The Retail Industry.
There's a grey area between gently coaxing your customers with engaging, occasional email newsletters and bombarding their inboxes to irritation point. We've assessed each market level to find out the average number of monthly newsletters sent by the value, mass, premium and luxury markets, as well as flash sale retailers.
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Online luxury market grows 12% in Q1 of 2015
Yoox and Net-A-Porter's merger is just the latest in a series of leaps taken by luxury online - a market, which has grown its offering by 12% in the first quarter of 2015. Discover what EDITD data expects from the future of luxury e-commerce.

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