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White Blazer

  • Full price: $255
  • First markdown: 4 weeks ago
  • Sold out: 1 Sep 2014

Sequin Top

  • Segment: Luxury
  • Sold in US market
  • Sizes on sale: 4
  • Colorways: 2

Trench Coat

  • Segment: Premium
  • 68 similar this month

Draped Skirt

  • 2 of 6 SKUs in stock
  • Discounted: 25%
  • Season: Summer 2014

Platform Pumps

  • Full price: $69.99
  • Colours: Nude & Bronze
  • First seen: 1 Apr 2014
  • Markdowns: 2

Crocodile Bag

  • Season: Fall 2014
  • Full price: $1,635
  • Retailers selling: 23
  • Markdowns: 0

We run the world's biggest apparel data warehouse.
Market leaders rely on us.

Maria Hollins
Retail Director

At ASOS, being first for fashion means being always competitive and having just the right assortment. We're using EDITD every day to help us make critical buying and trading decisions.

Nitin Passi
Managing Director

Missguided is growing fast, and we've used EDITD to help identify what is happening in the market and what our customers want.

Peter Giles
Managing Director

Motel are already good at tracking fast trends and acting on it, and EDITD helps this process. It validates my gut instinct which is important - it's a great tool for timing for companies like us.

Optimize product, price and trends with confidence.

Spend a day with Matthew and explore step by step how retail professionals use EDITD to transform the way they trade.

When you can see market activity in real-time, your decisions are bulletproof. EDITD translates raw fashion data into actionable insights to optimize product mix, price-points, discounting and merchandising.

Product Overview

Womenswear & Menswear,
200+ Global Retailers,
600+ Categories.

This is 360° trading for buyers & merchandisers.
EDITD gives you a tangible commercial advantage with direct ROI you can measure.

Take guesswork out of price architecture and positioning.
See full market assortment data across all competitors.
Know what your customers are talking about.
We're used by fashion brands of all sizes across six continents.
Our customers use EDITD's real-time analytics to get a global view of what's selling
and at which price points across the market, and at any of their competitors.

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