Best timing for Black Friday? US and UK markets explained

The U.S. apparel industry is revving up for its critical holiday event, Thanksgiving. This week, we’ve released a Thanksgiving Strategy report: 21 pages of insight and analysis around the key retail event. In it, you’ll discover which retailers are the biggest discounters, …

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Nasty Gal & Barneys best in show for Black Friday promotions

This week we’ve released our Black Friday discounting report, which reveals key insight into the way different retailers and markets reduce for the holiday period, as well as which products sell best, and when. Critical to any retailer’s promotional activity …

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Black Friday: who are the biggest discounters?

In recent years, hype surrounding the Thanksgiving holiday sales has reached unprecedented levels, with retailers whipping their customers, and each other into a frenzy of door busting deals and bartering with their store opening hours. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and …

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The high street’s love affair with designers: Alexander Wang for H&M

As the Alexander Wang for H&M collection launched, we were asked by CNBC to comment on high street designer collaborations. For retailers, collaborations are an excellent tool for driving frenzied shopping and creating cult following; both are powerful tools in retail. …

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Cold weather here: retailers scramble to promote outerwear & footwear

Unseasonable weather has always been an enemy of the fashion industry – an industry whose newness is tied to the changing seasons. In the UK, there’s been a slow start to winter weather, with September and October being exceptionally mild. …

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Timing: Why UK lingerie market blooms in May

Understanding the retail cadence around a particular category is vital for merchandisers planning timing and location of their stock. It also helps navigate promotional activity and discounting. EDITD customers have the benefit of full market visibility of retail activity – understanding nuances …

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UK lingerie – Bras inflate as knickers come down

In the second of our three-part UK lingerie analysis we’re looking at price. Retail success hinges on a careful balance of price, product and timing. Brands and retailers are relying on data analytics to spot changes in their competitors’ strategies and …

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The UK lingerie market: How to get product right

In recent years, the lingerie market has revealed itself as near recession-proof. In the U.S., Victoria’s Secret have gone from strength to strength whilst other apparel retailers have floundered. Their 35% market share of an estimated $12 billion intimates market sees …

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