How to get the product right at Marks & Spencer

In part one of our Marks & Spencer retailer spotlight, we highlighted shifts in discounting patterns in the last year, some weaknesses in email newsletter campaigns and discussed the price positioning and customer profile. Our Market Analytics software helps retailers …

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Marks & Spencer: no longer UK’s 2nd largest apparel retailer

Asda’s George have now overtaken Marks & Spencer to become the UK’s second largest apparel retailer, after Primark. Adding to the already troubling year for M&S were the faults in the £150m February relaunch of their website resulting in a 8.1% …

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How did SS14′s trends sell? The season’s 10 big hits

There are more outposts for announcing new season trends than ever before, with magazine, online journals, bloggers and retailers all creating content to support the seasonal trends they’re backing. But only data can show the true success of a trend …

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New Look triumph with the kimono trend

This week, it came to lightthat New Look have been selling 40,000 kimonos a week since April, which has contributed to their sales lifting by 9%. The kimono is a trend, which EDITD software detected as growing following last September’s SS14 …

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How American Apparel lost their brand amongst the shock advertising

The last few months have seen one American Apparel headline follow the next: their $270m losses in the last 3 years, Dov Charney‘s suspension and the remade board, the $25m boost from Standard General and the reaction to the shocking, now removed, …

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Crunch time for adidas: Fixing the failings

Last week’s profit warning of sporting giant adidas sent shockwaves through the apparel and active industries. As a result, adidas share value tumbled 20%. A few factors are being earmarked for the blame. Firstly, the trouble in the Ukraine is …

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Supermarket retail: 5 key strengths of Tesco’s F&F

Last month, Tesco’s apparel line F&F opened their first US store, in Long Island. The 6,571 square foot site is the first of seven stores the retailer plans to open this year with Retail Group of America, their US operating …

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Pink jeans? New trends in denim colors

In the final part of this week’s denim special, we’re looking at color trends in women’s jeans. Four years ago, the surge of demand in colored denim was a huge boon for the denim industry, a big success across both …

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